# Part VIII. Appendixes

Table of Contents

A. PostgreSQL Error CodesB. Date/Time SupportB.1. Date/Time Input InterpretationB.2. Handling of Invalid or Ambiguous TimestampsB.3. Date/Time Key WordsB.4. Date/Time Configuration FilesB.5. POSIX Time Zone SpecificationsB.6. History of UnitsB.7. Julian DatesC. SQL Key WordsD. SQL ConformanceD.1. Supported FeaturesD.2. Unsupported FeaturesD.3. XML Limits and Conformance to SQL/XMLE. Release NotesE.1. Release 14.2E.2. Release 14.1E.3. Release 14E.4. Prior ReleasesF. Additional Supplied ModulesF.1. adminpackF.2. amcheckF.3. auth_delayF.4. auto_explainF.5. bloomF.6. btree_ginF.7. btree_gistF.8. citextF.9. cubeF.10. dblinkF.11. dict_intF.12. dict_xsynF.13. earthdistanceF.14. file_fdwF.15. fuzzystrmatchF.16. hstoreF.17. intaggF.18. intarrayF.19. isnF.20. loF.21. ltreeF.22. old_snapshotF.23. pageinspectF.24. passwordcheckF.25. pg_buffercacheF.26. pgcryptoF.27. pg_freespacemapF.28. pg_prewarmF.29. pgrowlocksF.30. pg_stat_statementsF.31. pgstattupleF.32. pg_surgeryF.33. pg_trgmF.34. pg_visibilityF.35. postgres_fdwF.36. segF.37. sepgsqlF.38. spiF.39. sslinfoF.40. tablefuncF.41. tcnF.42. test_decodingF.43. tsm_system_rowsF.44. tsm_system_timeF.45. unaccentF.46. uuid-osspF.47. xml2G. Additional Supplied ProgramsG.1. Client ApplicationsG.2. Server ApplicationsH. External ProjectsH.1. Client InterfacesH.2. Administration ToolsH.3. Procedural LanguagesH.4. ExtensionsI. The Source Code RepositoryI.1. Getting the Source via GitJ. DocumentationJ.1. DocBookJ.2. Tool SetsJ.3. Building the DocumentationJ.4. Documentation AuthoringJ.5. Style GuideK. PostgreSQL LimitsL. AcronymsM. GlossaryN. Color SupportN.1. When Color is UsedN.2. Configuring the ColorsO. Obsolete or Renamed FeaturesO.1. recovery.conf file merged into postgresql.confO.2. Default Roles Renamed to Predefined RolesO.3. pg_xlogdump renamed to pg_waldumpO.4. pg_resetxlog renamed to pg_resetwalO.5. pg_receivexlog renamed to pg_receivewal