# 52.35. pg_opfamily

The catalog pg_opfamily defines operator families. Each operator family is a collection of operators and associated support routines that implement the semantics specified for a particular index access method. Furthermore, the operators in a family are all “compatible”, in a way that is specified by the access method. The operator family concept allows cross-data-type operators to be used with indexes and to be reasoned about using knowledge of access method semantics.

Operator families are described at length in Section 38.16.

Table 52.35. pg_opfamily Columns

Column Type

oid oid

Row identifier
opfmethod oid (references pg_am.oid)

Index access method operator family is for
opfname name

Name of this operator family
opfnamespace oid (references pg_namespace.oid)

Namespace of this operator family
opfowner oid (references pg_authid.oid)

Owner of the operator family

The majority of the information defining an operator family is not in its pg_opfamily row, but in the associated rows in pg_amop, pg_amproc, and pg_opclass.