# 52.52. pg_subscription

The catalog pg_subscription contains all existing logical replication subscriptions. For more information about logical replication see Chapter 31.

Unlike most system catalogs, pg_subscription is shared across all databases of a cluster: there is only one copy of pg_subscription per cluster, not one per database.

Access to the column subconninfo is revoked from normal users, because it could contain plain-text passwords.

Table 52.52. pg_subscription Columns

Column Type

oid oid

Row identifier
subdbid oid (references pg_database.oid)

OID of the database that the subscription resides in
subname name

Name of the subscription
subowner oid (references pg_authid.oid)

Owner of the subscription
subenabled bool

If true, the subscription is enabled and should be replicating
subbinary bool

If true, the subscription will request that the publisher send data in binary format
substream bool

If true, the subscription will allow streaming of in-progress transactions
subconninfo text

Connection string to the upstream database
subslotname name

Name of the replication slot in the upstream database (also used for the local replication origin name); null represents NONE
subsynccommit text

The synchronous_commit setting for the subscription's workers to use
subpublications text[]

Array of subscribed publication names. These reference publications defined in the upstream database. For more on publications see Section 31.1.