dblink_build_sql_delete — builds a DELETE statement using supplied values for primary key field values

# Synopsis

dblink_build_sql_delete(text relname,
                        int2vector primary_key_attnums,
                        integer num_primary_key_atts,
                        text[] tgt_pk_att_vals_array) returns text

# Description

dblink_build_sql_delete can be useful in doing selective replication of a local table to a remote database. It builds an SQL DELETE command that will delete the row with the given primary key values.

# Arguments


Name of a local relation, for example foo or myschema.mytab. Include double quotes if the name is mixed-case or contains special characters, for example "FooBar"; without quotes, the string will be folded to lower case.


Attribute numbers (1-based) of the primary key fields, for example 1 2.


The number of primary key fields.


Values of the primary key fields to be used in the resulting DELETE command. Each field is represented in text form.

# Return Value

Returns the requested SQL statement as text.

# Notes

As of PostgreSQL 9.0, the attribute numbers in primary_key_attnums are interpreted as logical column numbers, corresponding to the column's position in SELECT * FROM relname. Previous versions interpreted the numbers as physical column positions. There is a difference if any column(s) to the left of the indicated column have been dropped during the lifetime of the table.

# Examples

SELECT dblink_build_sql_delete('"MyFoo"', '1 2', 2, '{"1", "b"}');