dblink_close — closes a cursor in a remote database

# Synopsis

dblink_close(text cursorname [, bool fail_on_error]) returns text
dblink_close(text connname, text cursorname [, bool fail_on_error]) returns text

# Description

dblink_close closes a cursor previously opened with dblink_open.

# Arguments


Name of the connection to use; omit this parameter to use the unnamed connection.


The name of the cursor to close.


If true (the default when omitted) then an error thrown on the remote side of the connection causes an error to also be thrown locally. If false, the remote error is locally reported as a NOTICE, and the function's return value is set to ERROR.

# Return Value

Returns status, either OK or ERROR.

# Notes

If dblink_open started an explicit transaction block, and this is the last remaining open cursor in this connection, dblink_close will issue the matching COMMIT.

# Examples

SELECT dblink_connect('dbname=postgres options=-csearch_path=');