dblink_get_pkey — returns the positions and field names of a relation's primary key fields

# Synopsis

dblink_get_pkey(text relname) returns setof dblink_pkey_results

# Description

dblink_get_pkey provides information about the primary key of a relation in the local database. This is sometimes useful in generating queries to be sent to remote databases.

# Arguments


Name of a local relation, for example foo or myschema.mytab. Include double quotes if the name is mixed-case or contains special characters, for example "FooBar"; without quotes, the string will be folded to lower case.

# Return Value

Returns one row for each primary key field, or no rows if the relation has no primary key. The result row type is defined as

CREATE TYPE dblink_pkey_results AS (position int, colname text);

The position column simply runs from 1 to N; it is the number of the field within the primary key, not the number within the table's columns.

# Examples

    f1 int,
    f2 int,
    f3 int,
    PRIMARY KEY (f1, f2, f3)

SELECT * FROM dblink_get_pkey('foobar');
 position | colname