# Appendix J. Documentation

Table of Contents

J.1. DocBookJ.2. Tool SetsJ.2.1. Installation on Fedora, RHEL, and DerivativesJ.2.2. Installation on FreeBSDJ.2.3. Debian PackagesJ.2.4. macOSJ.2.5. Detection by configureJ.3. Building the DocumentationJ.3.1. HTMLJ.3.2. ManpagesJ.3.3. PDFJ.3.4. Plain Text FilesJ.3.5. Syntax CheckJ.4. Documentation AuthoringJ.4.1. EmacsJ.5. Style GuideJ.5.1. Reference Pages

PostgreSQL has four primary documentation formats:

  • Plain text, for pre-installation information

  • HTML, for on-line browsing and reference

  • PDF, for printing

  • man pages, for quick reference.

Additionally, a number of plain-text README files can be found throughout the PostgreSQL source tree, documenting various implementation issues.

HTML documentation and man pages are part of a standard distribution and are installed by default. PDF format documentation is available separately for download.