# 36.14. Embedded SQL Commands

ALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR — allocate an SQL descriptor areaCONNECT — establish a database connectionDEALLOCATE DESCRIPTOR — deallocate an SQL descriptor areaDECLARE — define a cursorDECLARE STATEMENT — declare SQL statement identifierDESCRIBE — obtain information about a prepared statement or result setDISCONNECT — terminate a database connectionEXECUTE IMMEDIATE — dynamically prepare and execute a statementGET DESCRIPTOR — get information from an SQL descriptor areaOPEN — open a dynamic cursorPREPARE — prepare a statement for executionSET AUTOCOMMIT — set the autocommit behavior of the current sessionSET CONNECTION — select a database connectionSET DESCRIPTOR — set information in an SQL descriptor areaTYPE — define a new data typeVAR — define a variableWHENEVER — specify the action to be taken when an SQL statement causes a specific class condition to be raised

This section describes all SQL commands that are specific to embedded SQL. Also refer to the SQL commands listed in SQL Commands, which can also be used in embedded SQL, unless stated otherwise.