EXECUTE IMMEDIATE — dynamically prepare and execute a statement

# Synopsis


# Description

EXECUTE IMMEDIATE immediately prepares and executes a dynamically specified SQL statement, without retrieving result rows.

# Parameters


A literal string or a host variable containing the SQL statement to be executed.

# Notes

In typical usage, the string is a host variable reference to a string containing a dynamically-constructed SQL statement. The case of a literal string is not very useful; you might as well just write the SQL statement directly, without the extra typing of EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.

If you do use a literal string, keep in mind that any double quotes you might wish to include in the SQL statement must be written as octal escapes (\042) not the usual C idiom \". This is because the string is inside an EXEC SQL section, so the ECPG lexer parses it according to SQL rules not C rules. Any embedded backslashes will later be handled according to C rules; but \" causes an immediate syntax error because it is seen as ending the literal.

# Examples

Here is an example that executes an INSERT statement using EXECUTE IMMEDIATE and a host variable named command:

sprintf(command, "INSERT INTO test (name, amount, letter) VALUES ('db: ''r1''', 1, 'f')");

# Compatibility

EXECUTE IMMEDIATE is specified in the SQL standard.